E. Charles Sterling CISSP Security+
Houston, TX  832-607-9019 - charles@chasster.com



Whole Brain thinker that considers the business and its people as assets.
Worldly knowledge stems from global travel early in career which forms basis of knowledge.
Problem solver with expertise in creating and implementing unique solutions.
Creation and delivery of technical solutions (domestic and international).
Experience spans a broad range of industries.
Disaster / Emergency experience is not limited to hurricanes, floods and terrorist threats.
Adept at communicating to optimize business and individual security.
Ability to collaborate with police and authorities to ensure compliance with fire, safety, and electrical regulations.
Certification path next includes CEH and ISSMP.
Current concentrations: Intranet enhancement and Malware mitigation.

Infragard Malware Lab SIG leader - 2012


Created technical training department, initial training collateral and taught classes.
Designed, implementation, and maintenance of dozens of data centers. (shipboard and international)
Provide guidance for: data security; internet content filtering. (Childcare facilities and other)
Establish and maintain customer support via on-site and remote access methods.
Established several start-up companies, concept to external funding to end of product / service life.
Managed, demonstrated unique hardware / software designs on PC's through Super Computers.

Areas of Expertise

Service provision for SOHO / SMB / Individuals.
Knowledge based on diverse experiences.
(business continuity, homeland security knowledge, local and pandemic emergencies, disaster preparedness, PC's thru super computers, technical training, research, bio-medical, manufacturing, auto mechanics)
Deliver IT & office-related security solutions per C-level requirements.
Management of US and overseas disaster situations. (major storms, corrupt law enforcement, criminal / terrorist exposure).
Trained customers (spanning a range of industries) on methods to establish safer operating environments.
Analyze instances (discovery), perform forensic investigations (computer data), explore employee theft and facility intrusion.
Presentations include: Child Safety on the Internet, data security (IPv4 vs. IPv6 penetration).
Maintain remote access to client sites for quickest service.

Goals toward Educating Clients

Strive to reduce services / expenses.
Improve customer relations and production up-time.
Elevate efficiency in communications.
Teach staff of improvements in efficiency or cost reduction.
Risks in mobile devices and the workplace.


Customized consulting spanning: c-level education, Intranet development & expansion and security consulting.
Consultant - Technologist Jan/2011 to present
Provide protective services: content filtering, Malware detection & mitigation, re-engineering for efficiency and growth.
Analyze current practices and enhance client efficiency via technical training.
Affect higher efficiency of operations and improve security practices to protect company secrets.
(with minimal 3rd party expenses)
Define policies & procedures that provide for compliance (childcare and other).
Maintenance includes: gateway and penetration monitoring, Active Directory (AD) and user support.
Evaluate benefit / risk of migration to Cloud Services.
Research - Advanced Persistent Threats and Next Generation firewalls.
Maintain remote access to client sites for quickest service.
Consulting company - customer problems via collaboration with other consultants / vendors.
Consultant – Technologist Jan/2002 to Dec/2010
Design, implement, and provide training / maintenance, backup and recovery plans.
Develop, install, and upgrade Intranet / systems with focus on business expansion, reduced maintenance; implement upgrades, and training on technical equipment, Win2003 & 2008 Server, wireless & VPN devices, and PC workstations.
Create, implement and test policies and procedures, mitigate potential risks and update recovery plans.
Identify and avoid potential data loss and litigation by leading successful emergency / continuity planning initiatives.
Managed on-site emergency and disaster situations (on and off-shore) (floods, monsoons, hurricanes and other crises).
Established site-to-site communications, reduce communications overhead, increase support feedback to reduce problem resolution time ~50%.
Maintain remote access to client sites for quickest service.
Leading Internet storage solutions provider
Engagement Manager (Professional Services dept) Dec/2000 to Nov/2001
Professional Services team aided in starting up their initial International data hubs (Tokyo and London).
Collaborated with international customers and vendors to establish and expand customers’ data centers, which enhanced service levels and optimized revenues.


Association of Contingency Planners ♦ Member 2003

Infragard Houston Chapter ♦ Member (vetted by FBI) 2004

Information Systems Security Association ♦ Member 2006

High Technology Crime Investigation Association ♦ Member (vetted by USSS) 2009

National Information Security Group ♦ Member 2009

CDAC - Cyberterrorism Defense Analysis Center - Cybersecurity: "Incident Handling and Response" ♦ 2009