Houston, TX (c) 832-607-9019 charles.sterling@bcdservices.info www.astronet.net

My method of operation:

Research the problem -

follow the money trail -

design and implement the solution!


Disaster Recovery / Security / Computer maintenance / Communications

Deliver solutions on time and within budget.

Hands-on involvement in project initiation through production.

Manage a team of developers and designers.

Sales Support (quotes, research, design, manage responses).

Pre/Post Sales support (concept development, consulting, planning, risk & business analysis).

Delivery (design, development, integration, testing and implementation).

Technical Management (maintenance and support, new projects, upgrades, redesign).

Resourceful problem solver with advanced troubleshooting and global customer service experience.

Solving customer problems is rewarding just as it is cost saving.

Establish a more productive environment by reducing third party services & expenses.

Improvement of production up-time, reduce maintenance cost & increase customer relations.

Adept at optimizing business work flow whether start-up business or established practices.

Ensure optimal networking and communications between office locations & customers.

Maintained full operations throughout hurricane IKE.

Built & managed local and international customer service and maintenance teams.

Business continuity & disaster recovery planner.

Emergency incident management experience started overseas without availability of FEMA & other agencies.

Design & implement maintenance procedures, security measures, data backup & recovery.

Develop, install & upgrade intranet systems.

Educate customers to improve the effectiveness of their decisions.

Design, implement & maintain dozens of international data centers.

Diverse experience in many industries.

(Seismic data center, Medical, Legal)

History in delivering security, maintenance and business expansion solutions.

(International businesses & institutions).

Design homogeneous communications networks.

(site-site communications, reduce cost, increase feedback & increase effectiveness within reaction time).

Experience spans broad range of incidents.

(hazards include: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, monsoons, terrorist & employee threats).

Expert in creating & implementing policies procedures.

(protect and improve efficiency for: facilities - data - employees - systems).

Collaborate with police & emergency authorities to ensure compliance.

(international regulations & regional laws for fire; safety & electrical)

International business expansion.

(London, Tokyo, Lagos, Singapore, Indonesia).

Forensic and eDiscovery investigations.

(computer data, employee theft, facility intrusion & internet exposure).


AccessData ACE certified - 2009

Association of Contingency Planners ♦ Member 2003

Infragard Houston Chapter ♦ Member (vetted by FBI) 2004

Information Systems Security Association ♦ Member 2006

High Technology Crime Investigation Association ♦ Member 2009

National Space and Technology Association ♦ Charter Member 2009

DRII/BCI Certificate / Business Continuity Planning ♦ (pending 2009)

Cyberterrorism Defense Analysis Center - Cybersecurity: "Incident Handling and Response" ♦ 2009

EnCase Technical Forum - Guidance Software Member 2009