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Charles Sterling (CISSP, Security+, Senior ISSA member)

SCIS Security Countermeasures and Investigative Services

Homeland Security Advisory

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Associations and
Child Safety on the Internet

Educational & Medical
information and Resources!

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AllClear ID
Is someone using your child’s identity?

International Consortium for
Organizational Resilience

Charles Sterling's resume!
Resume DOC-2015
Crisis summary!

CISSP, Security+
Houston, Texas = home!

ISSA Houston Chapter
Information Systems Security Association

ACP Houston Chapter

Not For Sale Campaign
Stop human trafficking - 50%
are children

NDPS National Domestic Preparedness Coalition (and training)

High Technology Crimes
Investigation Association

Stay Safe Online
National Cybersecurity

Cyberterrorism Defense Analysis Center

General coverage of: TERRORISM

Defense Analysis Center

Office of Juvenile Justice and
Delinquency Prevention

Criminal Justice Institute

Hello Houston

International Yellow Pages

Harris County OEM
Galveston County OEM

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Space Daily
An extreme technical data source!


Atomic Clock.org

Internet Crime Complaint Center
(report any Internet crime here)

Adroit Photo Forensics a photo forensics program

one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft.

World Time server

CVE dictionary of publicly known information security vulnerabilities
& exposures.

SecureWorld Expo

Smart Technology - The Double Edge Sword

Human Trafficking - Tied for second!

KHOU - Weather Radar

The Pegasus Program
Non-federal multi-state information exchange system designed by & for LEO & other first responders utilizing COTS technology operating with US DOJ approved NIST standards.

security conference.

Boys and Girls Harbor Mission - provide healthy, comprehensive care for children
& families in crisis. (Morgan's Point,TX)

AccessData MPE Toolkit
(mobile phone examiner - licensed)

US-CERT USA Computer Emergency Readiness Team


Strata Business Consultants a business Valuation company

SecureWorld Expo
Child Safety on the Internet
Houston, Tx April 2011
Download the SWE version presentation

The Open Office project -
an alternative to
"The Other Office Suite"

Search Engines and Resource Websites

BEST protection from Malware and cleanup after roaming the Internet.

WebReference engine for web designers

one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet

Ubuntu Linux Distribution (Netbooks, Workstations & Servers)

Multimedia Where to go

Start Page (ixquick)
Search Engine that does NOT
track your browsing history

Website Statistics

Steven Gould's Cleanup for cleanup of temporary files & Internet debris

Stop Browser Data Thieves with Ghostery browser add-on.

bjorgul a lengthy list of engines

Security and Hoax
List of information, software, tools to understand & deal with the prevention of: Viruses, Trojans, Security Breaches, etc.

HAKING IT security magazine

U.C. Berkely Open Infrastructure for

That's NonSense
hoax reporting site

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website (read disclosure carefully)

Colossusaccess 195 countries

Job Search

ALL Linux Distro's

McAfee Stinger
antivirus stand-alone utility

Big Medicine is proud to present leading-edge commentaries from tribal elders with real-world credibility

Criminal Justice Degree
non-profit site created to promote better understanding of the field of criminal justice.

Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization

ABC News BBC News CBC Newsworld CBS News Chicago Tribune CNN FOX News Globe and Mail LA Time MSNBC New York Times USA Today Washington Post

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